Stainless Steel Thermo Flask at Rs. 399. Groupon offers 33% off!

Sowmya Nair

Miss home made coffee? Can’t blame you. Machine or canteen coffees don’t seems to do enough justice to the actual drink. Imagine a day without a great cup of coffee now and then. Low spirits, sleep kicking in strong – ah, work hours would be hell! Thanks to this magic drink called coffee! Make enough coffee for the day and carry it in this Stainless Steel Thermo Flask. Tea drinkers can ofcourse carry some refreshing tea. This flask will keep your drink hot throughout the day and keep you awake and active. If you don’t feel like a hot drink, carry cold coffee or ice tea in it. This Stainless Steel Thermo Flask will keep your cold drink cool until the last sip!

How to buy Stainless Steel Thermo Flask at Rs. 399:

Stainless Steel Thermo Flask

  1. Buy Stainless Steel Thermos Flask from Groupon – 500ml at Rs. 399 and 1lt at Rs. 599
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. No Groupon coupon code is applicable
  4. This is a Limited Period Offer

Buy Stainless Steel Thermo Flask from Groupon – Rs. 399 for 500ml  and  Rs. 599 for 1l flask. Save Rs. 200! Carry your refreshing drink wherever you go. Hot things hot, cold things cool throughout the day!

Product Description:

Offer is on a choice of stainless steel thermo flasks:
Offer 1 – Rs.399: 500ml Silver Thermo Flask (1001)
Offer 2 – Rs.599: 1l Silver Thermo Flask (1001)
Offer 3 – Rs.399: 500ml Blue Thermo Flask (1002)
Offer 4 – Rs.599: 1l Blue Thermo Flask (1002)
Offer 5 – Rs.399: 500ml Red Thermo Flask (1003)
Offer 6 – Rs.599: 1l Red Thermo Flask (1003)
500 ml flask – 248 mm x 66 mm
1 L flask – 330 mm x 78 mm
Vacuum flask
Keeps liquids cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 hours
Comes with a cover
Free delivery across India
Inclusive of all taxes and service charges
Multiple vouchers can be purchased and gifted

2 Responses to “Stainless Steel Thermo Flask at Rs. 399. Groupon offers 33% off!”

  1. Sanay

    i contacted groupon–they state they respond with 24 hours…its been 3 days
    finally got a reaction that appeared like a robo reaction simply telling me how to employ the groupon–i had to ask them again—they do refund


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