Stophere Republic Day Sale – Flat 40% Off on Entire Products

Deepika Dewan

Take an online peep into the diversity of Indian Handicrafts. Explore the Indian home-made decor items. Inspiring designs that will paint a new perspective of your home. brings for the authentic art and craft lovers Stophere Republic Day Sale. A wonderful opportunity to take your pick from fine pottery, tea coasters and statues. The experience would be all the more delightful when you take an online trip of some of the authentic Indian handicrafts that have fascinated even the foreigners. Avail the handcrafted products at discounted prices and feel the Indian touch of craftsmanship. Treasures that you can decorate your home with as well as gift to your loved ones.

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Nothing is more charming to see handmade Indian products grace your living room to lobby. Unmatched in beauty, they wow the eyes of those who seek the joy of crafted products. Stophere Republic Day Sale is an amazing collection of ethnic artifacts from various parts of India. All these products are made from skilled craftsmen and are made in natural surroundings by eco-friendly, nontoxic ingredients. The best part about them is that they help preserve the nature. Get the enigma of these hand-made creations home and let your friends see the artistic side of you.        


Set of 5 Tea Coaster – Rs. 500.


Set of 5 Tea Coaster - Rs. 500.

Set of 5 Tea Coaster in 3 Inches Size. Blue Pottery Round Shape. Hand painted with Natural/ Non Toxic Colors.

Traditional lady statue – Rs. 1,599.


Traditional lady statue - Rs. 1,599.

12 inches Traditional Lady Statue in Cheek wood. Beautiful Colors and Carving. Handmade & Smooth Finishing.

Blue Pottery Plate 10 Inches – Rs. 859.


Blue Pottery Plate 10 Inches - Rs. 859.

Blue Pottery Plate 10 Inches in natural colors. Wall Decorative that can be used to serve Guests or make a collection of Dinner set.


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Rs 960