Fever Narrow Fit Stretchable Jeans for men at Rs.849 – 50% OFF

Stretchable Jeans for men @ Rs 849 – 50% OFFToday, jeans are popular. They are worn for every aspect of daily life, from work to leisure to dancing. Available in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics and prices, jeans provide a real challenge to the vogue. Grab this amazing offer from Fever Narrow Fit Stretchable Jeans for men at Rs.849 – 50% OFF.


How to get this  Stretchable Jeans for men @ Rs.849 – 50% OFF

  1. To Buy this  Stretchable Jeans for men for Rs 849.
  2. Click on Buy now.
  3. Free delivery by Snapdeal.com.

The right jeans should fit your life, work with your style — and make your butt look uh-ma-zing. To save you hours of dressing-room drama, we’ve found the sexy, flattering pairs that do all that and more Stretchable Jeans for men . Traditional blue jeans fabric is a tightly woven twill construction. Lengthwise yarns are dyed indigo or blue/black and crosswise yarns are white. The yarns have a very hard twist for durability, but this construction feature affects color also. The yarns are twisted so tightly that the indigo dye doesn’t always penetrate, leaving the core of the fabric white. As the fabric abrades or wears away during use, the white cotton yarn surface appears, giving denims a lighter or medium blue color.Perfectly faded, with a narrow leg and a bit of stretch, these have a casual vibe, a lean, flattering shape, and are comfortable enough to wear at the playground.

I love, love, love wearing jeans! Styles I can dress up or down are the best. These I can wear out to dinner if I unroll the cuff and throw on chunky heels.”

Product Description:

  • Wear-ability : Faded.
  • Fabric : Cotton Lycra.
  • Fit : Slim.
  • Occasion : Big Deal.
  • Brand : fever.









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