Summer Collection Kid’s Shorts Starts Rs 179 from BabyOye India

Sonalee Sarkar

Beat the heat by dressing your little babies in the most stylish way which allows the fresh air to touch their skin in this unbeatable summer sun. A very casual look and a smart look too can now be availed in the summer collection kid’s shorts and vest/slips available at Flowery design with various colors for the girls and printed one’s for the young boy’s vest and shorts or slip and shorts can be bought at best price here.

How to get this┬áKid’s Shorts at discounted price of Rs 179?

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Printed Bloomers Pack of 2:- Rs.179

Summer Collection Kid's Shorts Starts Rs 179 from BabyOye India

Printed Shorts Pack of 2 :- Rs.179
printed shorts


Printed Slips Pack of 2:- Rs.199

printed slips

Printed Vests Pack of 2:- Rs.199

printed vest


Now attend to the priority need of your little one that is the heat. Though they may not understand the reason for them to be irritated when they are covered with improper clothes but you as parents and care takers do understand it and thus should give it the priority to take care of in your list. And now you can fulfill this by shopping conveniently and easily with us for them.

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Rs 229
Rs 179