swimming accessories from Aquafit with 65%OFF@Rs.279


Many people are turned off by the idea of swimming because they hate the feeling of water entering their ears,nose,eyes and hair. Some others may even have conditions that require them to keep water out of their ears,eyes and nose.Now, No need to worry enjoy with the Aquafit swimming accessories  With Aquafit Goggles + Ear Plugs + Nose Plugs + Swimming Cap you say goodbye to the discomfort and enjoy swimming with friends and family.Dealstan is introducing with a special offer from snapdeal.com on swimming accessories(Aquafit Goggles + Ear Plugs + Nose Plugs + Swimming Cap) from Aquafit with 65%OFF@Rs.279 Rs.799These swimming accessories ,Nose plug keeps you away from breating the water and harmful diseases,   Swiming cap with Stylish Look and comfortable, which makes you protect you hairs with harmful bacteria. Googles with Good looking and transparent glasses in solar and rainbow colors which makes you to secure your eyes from chemical water.which keeps you safe in getting your eye damaged.Grab this special offer and enjoy swimming.

How to buy swimming accessories from Aquafit with 65%OFF@Rs.279:

  1. Go to snapdeal.com
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. No coupon code required
  4. Cash on Delivery.
  5. No shipping charges.
  6. Delivered in 2-3 working days.

Product Details:

Aquafit is one of the most renowned firms in the fitness industry. As a known name their fitness equipments are of superior quality and preferred by thousands of customers. From ankle supports to cardio equipments, they have it all. Trust and quality is their second name which is reflected by thousands of loyal customers who prefer buying their products.

  • Brand: Aquafit
  • Sport: Fitness
  • Providing cover for his or her Eyes
  • Brunt of the pool chemicals
  • Makes you faster and smoother in the water
  • Made of a thicker, smoother silicone material
  • Providing cover for his or her hair
  • Keep your hair out of your face
  • Brunt of the pool chemicals
  • Makes you faster and smoother in the water
  • Adult Size
  • Good Quality
  • Colors will be assorted


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