Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i MH for Rs. 6,291-21%off

Sowmya Nair

Would you like to have cool filtered air, style, performance and intelligence in one place? Well, Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i MH today! This hugely energy efficient air cooler with a power consumption of just 160 watts is compact and will fit your modern house or office room  too well! Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i MH works on inverter power – so you don’t have to be scared of power cuts!

Buy Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i MH from for just Rs. 6,291.

How to buy Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i MH for Rs. 6,291:

Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i MH

The powerful 36ft air throw ensures strong breeze to give you the feel of winter even during summer. The empty water tank alarm alerts you for a refill and once filled, Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i MH ensures cool air for a long time! Orignal priced at Rs.7999, you can get this for Rs.6,291. That’s almost 21% Off. Get this before the stocks runout.

Product Description:

  • Dura-pump technology
  • Empty water tank alarm
  • System restore function
  • Powerful 36 ft. air throw
  • Ice chamber
  • Powerful 7 inch blower
Brand Symphony
Model DIET 22 i
Type Air Coolers


Technical Specifications
For Rooms up to     (sq. m. / sq. ft.) 20 / 200
Air throw distance (m. / ft.) 11 / 36
Engg. Plastic (Blower / Fan) Blower
Blower / Fan diameter (mm / inch) 180 / 7
Speed Control Three
Air delivery (m3 / hr) 1100
Tank capacity (up to brim) (ltr.) 22
Auto louver movement Yes
Mosquito net / Dust filter Yes
Cooling media Honeycomb
Product dimensions (L X B X H) mm 300 X 330 X 943
Carton dimensions (L X B X H) mm 340 X 350 X 932
Product weight (kgs) 8.0
Product weight incl. (pack) (kgs) 9.7
No of units per 40ft container (hc) 630


Additional Features
  • Consumes 160 watts* only
  • Also works on inverter power
  • Delivers fresh, filtered cool air


WARRANTY: 1 year manufacturer warranty


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  1. I have recently gotten a mini split air conditioning system it is a pre gassed system and all that needs to be completed is connecting the hose lines up and electric wires up but when I open the valves on the outdoor unit to allow the gasses to charge the system does it matter that there is a little air in the lines of the unit or does it need to be under vacuum with no air in the system?

  2. Bindusar

    I wish To understand what exactly is a typical air velocity of the 2 lot window ac providing cooling air to the space? The duct size be (length x depth x height) 15 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm? If anybody has calculated it?


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