TDK-EB-100 Stereo Earphone With Enhanced Bass at Rs 59 Only

Sonali Singh


Music- an art form that reaches one’s soul, expression of feelings, rejuvenates from all the tiredness, gives one an exotic feel and one forgets all the worries of the day for a while. Music lovers!! Time to enjoy the real music and relax your nerves with harmonizing effect of the fantastic form on the earth-MUSIC. And help you have the splendid experience that you have not had in a while.Presenting before you, TDK-EB-100 Stereo Earphone With enhanced bass at Rs 59 Only/- An awwww offer- because a cost like this for this heavenly product is peanut really.

How to get TDK-EB-100 Stereo Earphone With Enhanced Bass?

The music has effect on our minds and souls like food on our bodies. Every one today has some mobile phone or the other and those are too equipped with latest apps and functions. One among them is audio player ofcourse, to let people listen to their favorite rejuvenating songs whenever they want to.And if it so happens that the ear-phones that you use often are not anymore a relief or fails to give you the required effect, then one could really get distressed.

So TDK-EB-100 Stereo Earphone with Enhanced Bass gives you all the peace and tranquility that you need.With making you listen to the ultra superior sound quality, the TDK-EB-100 Stereo Earphone with Enhanced Bass, have 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Earphone Frequency Response, a 1.2 m Cord,3.5 mm Earphones Jack, and have Ear Bud Design.The TDK-EB-100 Stereo Earphone with Enhanced Bass, have all the extra bass to add the missing jazz to your lives. Black in color, the TDK-EB-100 Stereo Earphone with Enhanced Bass have a gold plated connector plating.So just do not wait to grab the earphones to feel what music could really do to you when paired with the right ear-phones.

Product Details:

  • Wired
  • In-the-ear Earphones
  • Ear Bud Design
  • 14.7 mm Earphone Driver Units
  • 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Earphone Frequency Response
  • 16 ohm Earphone Impedance
  • 3.5 mm Earphones Jack
  • 1.2 m Cord

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