The Indian eCommerce King – Amazon VS Flipkart

Amazon and Flipkart, the two mammoths of e-Commerce. Why mammoth? Just look at the money they raised very recently. Amazon raised humongous $2 Billion dollars whereas Flipkart got a tremendous $1 billion dollars funding this June (hmm not bad for an Indian player. Let us look for some facts and figures about these two gigantic players. Basically, Let us discuss their “Big Bang Theory”.

A detailed infographic on Amazon VS Flipkart:

amazon vs flipkart
Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year of 1994. It started its operations in the United States first and then it expanded to other countries. It came to India in the year of 2013. Whereas, Flipkart got established in the year of 2007 by Sachin and Binny Bansal.

Right now both the players deals with almost same product categories. Their portfolios include books, electronics, apparels and much more. Amazon has over 17 million products listed under its umbrella. Whereas, Flipkart offers more than 15 million products to its customers.

Amazon ranks 13th on India Alexa. It is getting more than 33.3 million visits per month and on an average a person spends 6 minutes on this website. On the other side, Flipkart ranks 8th on India Alexa. It is getting more than 69.3 million views per month and on an average, a person spends around 8 minutes on flipkart.

While comparing discount and offers for consumers, Amazon’s discount ranges from 25% to 60%. Likewise, Flipkart also comes up with discounts ranging from 15% to 45%. On the Shipping aspects, both play their part really well. ‘Amazon fulfilled’ service is free with ‘no minimum cart value’. Though, it charges ₹ 99 for 1 day delivery and ₹149 for same day delivery. For Flipkart, if you are ordering a products which costs ₹ 200 and more from ‘WS Retails’, then your shipping is going to be free. For their ‘Next day’ delivery, one will have to pay ₹ 90. A buyer can also subscribe to premium membership under “Flipkart First” service to get the shipping free of cost. Both of them have pan India coverage.

Amazon has over 1 lac registered sellers whereas, Flipkart possess 2500 sellers. Coming to the valuation of the company, Amazon commands over $ 147.8 billion. They are planning to invest $ 2 billion in the Indian market. Whereas, Flipkart values at $ 7 billion as per the previous financial year. Very recently, it raised $ 1 billion dollar in fresh funding.

When it comes to their future plans, Amazon may launch ‘Amazon Prime’ and ‘Amazon Student’ in the Indian market. Also, they are expected to focus on Fashion categories for next few years. On the other hand, Flipkart has already launched ‘Try and Buy’ under its pilot project, in Bangalore. Recently, they acquired Myntra, the market leader in the fashion category.

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