The Official Guide for GMAT Review with CD now at Rs 870 Only


Now start preparing for your GMAT Exams with the Official Guide for GMAT Review 13th Edition, which comes with CD from Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. The Official Guide For GMAT Review, is the only text book in market which contains official exam questions taken from the Integrated Reasoning section. The book contains more than 900 questions from previous GMAT exams, access to a companion site which has more than 50 integrated reasoning questions, and a diagnostic section which will also aid in your test preparation. Now get this on discount from

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The Official Guide for GMAT Review with CD

Table of Contents for The Official Guide for GMAT Review:

1.0 What Is the GMAT Exam?
1.0 What Is the GMAT Exam?
1.1 Why Take the GMAT Exam?
1.2 GMAT Exam Format
1.3 What Is the Content of the Test Like?
1.4 Integrated Reasoning Section
1.5 Quantitative Section
1.6 Verbal Section
1.7 Analytical Writing Assessment
1.8 What Computer Skills Will I Need?
1.9 What Are the Test Centers Like?
1.10 How Are Scores Calculated?
1.11 Test Development Process
2.0 How to Prepare
2.0 How to Prepare
2.1 How Should I Prepare to Take the Test?
2.2 What About Practice Tests?
2.3 How Should I Use the Diagnostic Test?
2.4 Where Can I Get Additional Practice?
2.5 General Test-Taking Suggestions
3.0 Diagnostic Test
3.0 Diagnostic Test
3.1 Quantitative Questions
3.2 Verbal Questions
3.3 Quantitative and Verbal Answer Keys
3.4 Interpretive Guide
3.5 Quantitative Answer Explanations
3.6 Verbal Answer Explanations
4.0 Math Review
4.0 Math Review
4.1 Arithmetic
4.2 Algebra
4.3 Geometry
4.4 Word Problems
5.0 Problem Solving
5.0 Problem Solving
5.1 Test-Taking Strategies
5.2 The Directions
5.3 Practice Questions
5.4 Answer Key
5.5 Answer Explanations
6.0 Data Sufficiency
6.0 Data Sufficiency
6.1 Test-Taking Strategies
6.2 The Directions
6.3 Practice Questions
6.4 Answer Key
6.5 Answer Explanations
7.0 Reading Comprehension
7.0 Reading Comprehension
7.1 What Is Measured
7.2 Test-Taking Strategies
7.3 The Directions
7.4 Practice Questions
7.5 Answer Key
7.6 Answer Explanations
8.0 Critical Reasoning
8.0 Critical Reasoning
8.1 What Is Measured
8.2 Test-Taking Strategies
8.3 The Directions
8.4 Practice Questions
8.5 Answer Key
8.6 Answer Explanations
9.0 Sentence Correction
9.0 Sentence Correction
9.1 Basic English Grammar Rules
9.2 Study Suggestions
9.3 What Is Measured
9.4 Test-Taking Strategies
9.5 The Directions
9.6 Practice Questions
9.7 Answer Key
9.8 Answer Explanations
10.0 Integrated Reasoning
10.0 Integrated Reasoning
10.1 What Is Measured
10.2 The Question Types
10.3 Test-Taking Strategies
10.4 The Directions
11.0 Analytical Writing Assessment
11.0 Analytical Writing Assessment
11.1 What Is Measured
11.2 Test Taking Strategies
11.3 The Directions
11.4 GMAT Scoring Guide: Analysis of an Argument
11.5 Sample: Analysis of an Argument
11.6 Analysis of an Argument Sample Topics
Appendix A Percentile Ranking Tables
Appendix B Answer Sheets
Diagnostic Answer Sheet – Quantitative
Diagnostic Answer Sheet – Verbal
Problem Solving Answer Sheet
Data Sufficiency Answer Sheet
Reading Comprehension Answer Sheet
Critical Reasoning Answer Sheet
Sentence Correction Answer Sheet
Integrated Reasoning Answer Sheet

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