Timex Expedition Altimeter Analog Watch – Unisex | Flat 45% + 25% Off


For all adventure lover people. All sports person or seeker a watch for an all time wear at your buy now. What counts the most for your your adventurous trip is the equipment you are equipped with. It is not only the thrill or ultimate destination what you look for. Thus topping your list of equipment you need to take along is the Times expedition altimeter analog watch. Being a unisex watch, this multi-functional analog watch sports all the right functional and aesthetic elements to suit both, men and women. Get it at a 45% and another 25% off by purchasing it from flipkart.com.

How to buy timex expedition altimeter analog watch:-


The timex expedition altimeter analog watch is  a high level manufactured watch of accuracy, reliability and durability. The date display window is located at the dial’s 3 o’clock position. This system works on the popular digit wheel system. A multi functional watch is what this watch can be called. It has many functions in its dial thus boosting the feature of the Indiglo Night light that brilliantly lights up the dial. The dial is then covered up with the hard clear class to not only protect the functions of the watch but also to make it a water resistance watch. It has a water resistance of 100m.

In total the masterpiece Timex expedition altimeter analog watch effortlessly combines the best of durability, reliability and functionality into one flawless multi-purpose unisex watch. There are three push buttons outside the dial that manage the internal functioning of the watch. So for any adjustments you need to use the dial. And the right side crown in the dial helps you to adjust the watch time and date only. Being attached to your wrist is the highly fashionable leather strap that can be used by men and women.

Product details:-

  1. It has a round dial.
  2. The strap color is yellow. A perfect color for men or women.
  3. It has buckle clasp.
  4. A water resistant watch.

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