Todo Foot Massager with RC | Flat 60% Off – StarCj Offer | Rs 3600


Rest your feet not only during your free time but also when at work. The todo foot massager with RC can be bought at a big discount and can be ordered not only for home use but also for your office use. This massager originally cost Rs.10000. Doesn’t it seem to be big price for it it. But when you purchase this from you can avail for a heavy discount by using the coupon code and buy it for only Rs.3600. This foot massager is based on the traditional medicine, meridian science and magnetic science. Also taken into account is the Health Act while manufacturing this product.

How to buy todo foot massager with RC:-

  • Flat 60% discount on Todo foot massager with RC.
  • Click on order.
  • Use coupon code 1061-183220 fro discount.
  • Proceed to make payment for your billing.

There are three programs in this todo foot massager with RC. The automatic program, manual program and the individual program. Some of the major spots of your body that the massage focuses on is the head, neck, spine, shoulders etc. This massager like no other massager also focuses on your tip toe, arch of the foot and sole of the foot. Thus allowing complete relaxation to your feet.

The todo foot massager with RC features not to a certain gender or age group. But it can be used by any age group of people. Feet are the most used body part of the human of any age group. Thus any body would love to massage your feet. Keeping one at home will allow this one time investment to be a very fruitful bargain and buy. Also let me tell you the massage timing is set automatically for 15 minutes. You can always re set the timing for a further use of 15 minutes. Avoid exceeding the massage time to more than 30 minutes at one go.

Product details:-

  1. Most suitable for home and office use.
  2. Works on foot to reduce tiredness.
  3. Power supply of 220VAC.
  4. Power consumption of 40 walts.
  5. Weighs 9.5kgs.

One Response to “Todo Foot Massager with RC | Flat 60% Off – StarCj Offer | Rs 3600”

  1. Vandana Singh

    I’m looking to purchase a foot massager for my mom, she suffers with Arthritis and was considering this for a present.
    Any other model if you could suggest, I am comparing other foot massager too.

    Any Recommendations will be helpful.



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Rs 10000
Rs 3600