Tokyo Talkies Slim Fit Jeans for Women at Rs 1,091 – 30% OFF!


Fashion is a thing which changes every once in a while. Some renowned person even once said that,” Fashion is so irritable that we have to alter it every 6 months!” How much sarcasm and how much truth in it, only he knew! But in today’s world, fashion isn’t irritating. It’s rather fun! And so it remains fun and specially for the ladies, we bring to you the Tokyo Talkies Slim Fit Jeans for women! Can I get a WOOOOOO HOOO, ladies? Oh yes, I can!

How to get the Tokyo Talkies Slim Fit jeans for Women at Just Rs. 1,091 –

1. Get your Tokyo Talkies Slim Fit Jeans for women from right here at just Rs. 1,091.
2. Select your size and click on ‘BUY NOW‘.
3.SAVE MORE: Women’s Clothing -Buy 2 garments, get extra 15% off, buy 3 garments, get extra 20% off.

How many times has this happened that you wanted a sick looking jeans but had to hold back your feelings because the price was too damn high and then you would just do windows shopping and nothing else? But will always hold a desire to one day come back and buy that cool jeans which was once out of your budget! I know, quite a few times right? Well, not any more, my lass! Because here is presenting the Tokyo Talkies Slim Fit Jeans for women at, hold your breath, Rs. 1,091!! Yes, a Lee jeans just over Rs. 1000, can be yours! Are you dreaming? Nope, it’s the reality. It’s the truth! Can you handle the truth?!

A beige jeans is an absolute necessary for any any wardrobe and a closet won’t be complete without it. The classic beige jeans comes in a lot of varieties. Plain, stained, torn and then there is Faded. The coolest of the lot. Faded jeans looks good on anyone and everyone! And Slim fit from Tokyo Talkies? You will have it coming from everyone! I mean good compliments, if you get my drift! Tokyo Talkies has always been one of the most respectable clothing brand in India and this is your chance of owning one of it’s most sort after products.Don’t let this golden opportunity ‘slim’ its way away! Yes, that’s your cue to laugh, it’s a pun, gal. Buy your Tokyo Talkies Slim Fit Jeans for women  at Rs. 1,091 from

Fabric Cotton Spandex
Fit Slim Fit
Style Rivets on Pockets at Front
Pockets Patch Pockets at Back, Curved Pockets on Front

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Tokyo Talking Slim Fit Jeans for Women