Toshiba 4GB Pendrive & 1 year Warranty at Rs 330 Only – 39% OFF


Info on the go. 4GB Pendrive available at Rs 330 only.

How to get toshiba 4gb pendrive and 1 year warranty at Rs 330 only – 39% off:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Buy.

Who wouldn`t want a trendy white stylish pen drive? One that comes at the cheapest possible rate ever for a pen drive. 4GB pendrive of Toshiba is now available at just Rs 330 at Toshiba. Pen drive comes handy in all situations. A re writable CD can at the most last for five times data storage, depending on the maintenance of the CD. But a pen drive is different. Use it roughly and it still carries the information in it. It can handle more rough handling than a CD can.

It can carry more amount of data than a CD. And, it does not need a case to prevent it from breaking. A pen drive is, by all means, the best plausible way to carry data on the go. A quick presentation, a last minute print out, a few important photos, a set of organized folders – Each or All of them can be accommodated at once in a trendy, cute little 4GB pendrive.

Pendrive comes in handy anywhere and everywhere. Be it for a student, a teacher or an employee, having a pendrive with you all the time is as good as having your wallet and cellphone with you. Get this cool pendrive at this website at 39% off. Use it for all purposes.

Product Description:

Description of Toshiba 4GB Hayabusa Pendrive (White):

Designed for ease of use, the new USB Flash Drive from Toshiba features a large storage capacity with a stylish case. It has an innovative slide mechanism for simple opening.

Brand Toshiba
Capacity 4GB
Interface USB 2.0
OS Supported Windows 2000 and Above, Mac OS 10.0.2 and Above
Transfer Speed Read 17 MB/s, Write 7 MB/s

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Rs 470
Rs 330