TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N Router TL WR740N at Rs 999 – 56% OFF


Buy your freedom from messy wire snags for just Rs 999 only!! Time to enjoy wireless internet with TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N Router which also gives you an incredible performance of up to 150Mbps .  Set this amazingly simple wireless N Router anywhere in your office or home and enjoy an internet connection without wire to your gadgets, laptop, computer and it also enables you to share your internet with your pals. Easy to set up and Easy to use!Tplink

How to get TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N Router:

  1. Get TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N Router
  2. Click on “buy now ” and enjoy the new found freedom of going wire-free

All-in-One TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N Router uses the very latest wireless networking technology  and is integrated with an innovative internet-sharing router. It also comes with an incredible 4-port switch which enables you to access internet with four different device and also share the internet.  Implementing the latest N technology; it gives you 802.11n performance up to 150 Mbps. The Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) avoids channel conflicts using its clear channel selection feature. With this router you can also make your internet secure as  this device is compatible with WI-FI Protected Setup (WPS) and features Quick Security Setup that allows you to instantly setup security by pressing the “QSS” button which automatically establishes a secure connection. This router can be set up at your home for your personal use or it can be used at offices. Whats more, with optimum utilization of bandwidth this premium router allows you to enjoy multiple high quality video streaming movies and can play games simultaneously without any congestion. If you are worried about how to set up this advanced technology then be rest assured that it comes with a Set up CD which makes the installation super simple and hassle free.

Product Details:

  • Category: Wireless N Router
  • Brand: TP-Link
  • Model ID: TL-WR740N
  • Colour:White

Key Features:

  • Wireless speed up to 150Mbps
  • WDS wireless bridge
  • Setup wireless security encryption easily at a push of QSS button
  • Priority of service
  • Supports SPI firewall and access control management
  • Supports WPA/WPA2 encryptions
  • Seamlessly compatible with 802.11b/g/n devices






4 Responses to “TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N Router TL WR740N at Rs 999 – 56% OFF”

  1. Aakaar

    If I buy a wireless N router will I need to have wireless N adapters for my devices to get the speed?

  2. Deval

    I am using TP Link 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router ( TD-W8151N ). I have 2 computers attached with it via wire. I can see which computer is using internet on router but i dont know how to see who is connected with my router via wifi. Can any one tell me how i can see who is connect on my router with wifi?

  3. I am going to Naning, China soon for my studies. The hostel room contains only cabled ethernet plug internet connection. I would like to buy a b/n/g wifi router and plug it in there so i can get wifi connection. Could someone give me an appropriate price for a simple cheap b/n/g wifi router in Nanjing, China?

  4. Mahaddev

    I have this aged computer which has the big bulky kind of computer monitor. I have my wireless N router placed straight upcoming with it plus I am having difficulties with range plus speed of my router. I was thinking when the monitor might be interfering with routers potency.


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