Travel Rucksacks Starts Rs 845 by Wildcraft at Flipkart India

Sonalee Sarkar

A rucksack is a bag that has shoulder straps that offer convenience of being carrying it on one’s back. A very high rated backpack by the buyers offers you a both office and personal utility bag. A rucksack will be a lot larger, with a stabilizing belt around the waist and many different pockets. Buy some of the best designed rucksack that offer maximum storage space at the best prices from the brand Wildcraft on discounts at

How to get this Rucksacks at discounted price of Rs 845?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Trailblazer rucksack:- Rs.3995

Travel Rucksacks Starts Rs 845 by Wildcraft at Flipkart IndiaWildcraft rucksack red:- Rs.2495

wildcraft red

Wildcraft techpack rucksack:- Rs.2695
wildcraft techpack

Wildcraft rock and ice rucksack:- Rs.2795

wildcraft rock and ice

Wildcraft Eiger rucksack:- Rs.2995

wildcraft eiger


You can use the rucksacks to carry your heavy loads or any kind of your equipment. Thus easy to go on a short vacational trip or for a sporty activity or even to go to college in style with the fila casper backpack. The wildcraft rucksacks features multiple zippered compartments, padded adjustable straps that contour to the body. Crafted to carry all your essentials while you go on the running errands is the Wildcraft rucksacks.

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Rs 995
Rs 845