Triumph lingerie sale – Huge discounts upto 60%



Zivame is offering an excellent Triumph lingerie sale. You can now get huge discounts up to 60%. So get the lingerie from a well known brand for as less as Rs. 299/-. What can be a better deal than this for all the girls out there?


How to get to the Triump lingerie sale?

  1. To get the Triump lingerie sale, go to Zivame.
  2.  Click BUY NOW to get the huge discount upto 60%.

Purchasing lingerie of a brand needs a lot of money in your pockets. A single piece often costs no less than Rs. 1000/-. But here, Zivame is offering huge discount up to 60% at the Triump lingerie sale. So any female can now easily afford the lingerie and that too with a great brand. There’s a huge variety that is offered. From push-up bras to the bridal bras, one can get whatever she wishes to have. There are also good and vibrant colours available in the Triump lingerie sale. So now you can buy a bra of your favorite color and recommend the Triumph lingerie sale to your friends and colleagues as well. They might just thank you for spreading the word.

Zivame is a new website launched for the various categories like lingerie, nightwear, swimwear etc. And with this Triumph lingerie sale, its growing the relationship with the customers even more.

So grab the lingerie of your choice right away from Zivame.



5 Responses to “Triumph lingerie sale – Huge discounts upto 60%”

  1. Chandnin

    I wear a 40 DD plus I desire a bra which could lift my somewhat saggy breast plus provide me good cleavage, and not cut into my skin or create lumps, and doesn’t break the bank or look like an older woman…any 1 have any suggestions?

  2. Shalin

    I am interested in a a bra which usually add cleavage plus drive my breasts up. I am a size 38 DDD plus have nursed 2 kids thus this really is no little feat. Any brand suggestions? Websites? Ideas?

  3. Chane

    I wear sports bra (exercise bra) all day long daily. Do I should wear a right bra?

    I lose fat plus gain fat frequently thus I don’t learn when it’s worthwhile to buy/wear a bra?

  4. Faisal

    Help! I have 36DD or DDD breasts (depending on bra brand), plus I can’t appear to obtain a bra which provides enough help. Not just do my bras not lift enough, however, I usually bulge from them plus they stretch in 6 months or less. I’ve tried MaidenForm, Victoria’s Secret, plus Playtex. Nothing has worked thus far.

    What brand plus fashion must I wear? Are there any specialty stores inside Western Washington?

  5. Abeesht

    i is exploring kuala lumpur shortly inshallah. i wish To purchase several makeup handbags boots plus lingerie. not thus pricey. i understand just regarding chinatown.


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