True Voice Stereo Bluetooth Headset TBVS81 at Lowest Price of Rs 755

Sonali Singh

Now do not feel archaic about your bluetooth device. brings for you true voice stereo bluetooth headset. Now you can get rid of your old grey bluetooth. Enjoy new functionality and enhanced performance with the new stereo bluetooth. Get this headset for Rs 755/- on, which is the lowest price for it. So if you are really a talker kind, get the super smart and light stereo bluetooth headset. Check out the details now and get this one today.

How to get true voice stereo bluetooth headset?

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true voice stereo bluetooth headset

The beautiful red and black true voice stereo bluetooth headset has a beautiful design. The voguish look of the headset gives it all the appeal. The extremely light in weight, you can carry it for hours together. The headset is equipped with a foam padding that does not feel harsh at all on ears. Suitable for attending calls, listening music for long hours, it is just the pick. The right earpiece is armored with all the buttons and functions. This gives ease of performing all the functions. Supporting bluetooth 2.0, it can easily be paired with all the phones and mobiles. With a perfect sound quality you hear uninterrupted sound.

As the device used is DSP i.e the Digital Sound Processor in it, the sound quality is never compromised. The headset comes with rechargeable battery which is again easy to charge. Providing a good performance, you enjoy talk time of 11 hours. And if you are listening music then the battery can last up to 10 hours. While the standby time being 250 hours. So, whenever you long for listening songs, you can easily switch between songs. Talking on phone for long hours without tiring your hands is easy now.

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Rs 2599
Rs 755