Tulip Velour Cotton Face Towel Set of 4 at Rs 265 – 19% OFF


In the growing world of economy, a hundred bucks is easily spent. But now, less than hundred bucks can be spent for something useful. A deal price of just Rs.79 is being offered on a cotton face towel set.

How to get Tulip Velour cotton face towel set of 4 at Rs.79?

  1. Go to get Tulip Velour cotton face towel set.
  2. Click on Buy Now.
  3. Shipping charge : Rs 24.

Tulip velour cotton face towel set of 4 is available outside for a price of Rs.329. The selling price shopclues website offers is Rs.265. But a deal is running now that gives these products at incredibly unbelievable prices. Cotton face towel set consists of 4 different towels in vibrant colors. These towels can be used to wipe and clean your face early in the morning, wipe your hands after washing or just like a napkin when you go out for picnics.

This multi utility towel is small in size and comfortable for little chores. The set has blue, yellow, pink and green velour towels. Save upto Rs.250 on this unbelievable sale that is happening. Note that shipping charges are Rs.24. Summing up the amount, a cotton face towel set that is available for Rs.265 can now be bought by you for just Rs.103. The quality is genuine and there is nothing to worry about. The product will be delivered in 7-9 business days. Happy Shopping!!

Product description:

The Tulip face towel set is one among the ultimate collection of face towel set of stylish apparel.

The color range in the set is fabulous which keep freshness in you ever.

The set is ideal to gift to your near and dear one.

Size: 10 X 10 Inch.


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Rs 329
Rs 265