UCB Tshirt for men collar at Rs 780 – 20%+ 25% OFF


UCB Tshirt for men collar from United Colors of Benetton (UCB) originally costing Rs.1599 and after a 35% discount costing Rs.1039 can now be purchased only for Rs.780.


 How to buy UCB Tshirt for men collar:-

  1. Buy UCB Tshirt for men collar from United Colors of Benetton only for Rs.780.
  2. Roll over mouse on the images for a larger view.
  3. Click on buy.
  4. Proceed to payment.
  5. Redeem Snapdeals coupons BRANDS for further 25% discount.
  6. Make safe payment.
  7. Enjoy free delivery.
  8. Product dispatched in 6 business days.
  9. Enjoy the product.

Benetton group manufacturing apparels and known for its fashionis based in Italy. Benetton’s main line of product is its apparel that are sold worldwide in the name of United Colors of Benetton, Undercolors of Benetton, Sisley and Playlife. You can imagine how big is this brand and what will be the standards set in the manufacturing its apparel. With such high standards the prices too set must be high as though by you but let me tell you that now there is something available in store for you that can easily fit in your budget.

Now days even if you go to buy a t-shirt that is non-branded it will not cots you less than Rs.500. If you take the correct decision you can now buy a worldwide branded t-shirt for yourself, or for gifting it to your loved ones that ensures it’s quality only for Rs.780 which originally cost Rs.1599. Collar t-shirt for men from UCB is a very stylish looking t-shirt which even though being simple has a elegant look in itself. The very name UCB has an aura of its own. Rs.780 is the cost for the brand that United Colors of Benetton is sharing with you, for the apparel quality, for its labour work etc. Don’t you think this is priced a little low? Yes, it is so take hold of one before the stock is over.





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  1. Chittesh

    I am going on an interview for United Colors of Benetton and I would like to know how I can prepare for it. What are the typical questions that they may ask and how should I dress for the interview?


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