UCB White Formal Shirt for Men at Rs 1052 – 20% + 25% OFF


When you wear a white shirt which is clean and bright it shoes that this person is a well kept and clean person but if he same shirt is faded or not washed properly and has some marks over it the same opposite person assumes you to be grumpy and laid back person. So when you choose to buy a white shirt be very careful on what you choose. To save you from all these headaches United Colors of Benetton has introducted a total of 45% discount on its White Formal Shirt for Men which originally cost Rs.1799 but now after a 35% discount you can avail it for Rs.1169 but when you use coupon you can now buy it for just Rs.1052.


 How to buy White Formal Shirt for Men of UCB:-

  1. Buy White Formal Shirt for Men.
  2. Click on the size u want.
  3. Click on buy.
  4. Proceed to payment.
  5. Redeem Snapdeal coupons code BRANDS.
  6. Make safe payment.
  7. Enjoy free delivery.
  8. If product not as per standard the you can avail of 7 days return policy.
  9. Enjoy the product.

White shirt is a must in a man’s wardrobe. The most elegant color looking shirt which can be used in several occasions which could be either for work, party, interview etc. The white color shirt is the only shirt that can bring out your personality. Your appearance is the first thing from which another person makes a judgement about you.

White Collar Shirt for Men of United Colors of Benetton originally costing Rs.1799 but now can be purchased for Rs.1052 is a full sleeves white color cotton shirt. It is a no pattern shirt with a slim fit. Can be worn for any of the formal occasions. As you can see in the above picture that this a very New Arrival but yet there is a discount on it. Such a price you only find here and not event at the UCB outlets.

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