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Shweta Anand

Dear Men, here’s some heat bottled up as cold blue. Buy the UDV Blue Men Fragrance (100ml) at Rs. 449 only from snapdeal.com. Smell good men, it is essential that you do. Fragrance goes a long way in defining personality. And you sure want your personality to be of substance. About time you upped the grade and became cool by brand! the UDV Blue Men Fragrance (100ml) is worth Rs. 775/- and you get it from snapdeal.com at a discount of 42%. Save Rs. 326 and buy the fragrace for just Rs. 449. Check out and buy now.

How to buy UDV Blue Men Fragrance 100ml at Rs. 449 Only from Snapdeal?

  1. Click to check out the UDV Blue Men Fragrance
  2. Click on BUY.
  3. Enter quantity details and proceed to payment.

A man’s attire is key to his personality, and what doesnt show in the attire but makes a huge difference is fragrance. One needs to be careful in selecting their fragrance and be considerate of people around as well. You don’t want to be named smelly, now do you?

The perfume house Ulric de Varens, Paris, is one of the largest independent perfume manufacturer in Europe. The Managing Director mentions that the process of fragrance creation is like a fine research. One embarks into a search for something new, sensuous and redifining. There’ s passion, talent and research gone into the creation of every fragrance. Every user would agree that UDV perfumes are a class apart. Be one among the elite with the choicest brand of fragrance only through snapdeal.com. And you get this at a great discount of 42%. Hurry now and grab your bottle! You might also want to call up your friends and spread word about this.

Product Details :

  • 100% Original product.
  • Size: 100 ml.
  • Launched: 2002.
  • 100% Original UDV Blue.
  • Best for daywear.
  • Scent: Citrus spicy woody.

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