USB Keyboard Leather Case Cover For Tablet at Rs 299 Only

Fatima Ansari

Do you struggle with typing long messages or mails on your touch screen device? With the advent of tablets, it is all touch screens. You stay connected to your work, projects on the go. Dealstan brings you a great alternative for your problem of your everyday scuffle with touch screen, in the form of usb keyboard leather case. The usb keyboard leather case is a savior for all you people who are not comfortable with touch screens and hate typing long messages or mails via touch screen. Available at just INR 299/- only on, this one is the perfect accessory for your tablet. The original price of this product is nothing less than INR 1099/-, so you save a huge INR 800/-.

How to buy USB Keyboard Leather Case Cover For Tablet at Rs 299 Only?

  1. Go to buy USB Keyboard Leather Case Cover.
  2. Click on Buy now.
  3. Click on checkout.

The usb keyboard leather case can be easily connected to your 8 inch tablet with the help of the USB that you will get with the package. And don’t worry, if you are thinking that you can’t set up hardwares, this is made for you, because all you have to do is attach the USB cable that comes with the keyboard and you are good to get started using the keyboard. The leather cover will also protect your tablet from getting any kind of scratches. You are presented with a keyboard, a stylus, and pockets to hold up to 1 styluses, USB cable, and an extendable stand. stores offers some of the coolest products like Mobile phones, Computers and Accessories, Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, Tablets and Storage Media, Life Style and much more. These products are up for grab at guaranteed affordable price. Today, we are present across different categories including mobiles, gaming consoles, digital cameras, computers & accessories, lifestyle products, home appliances and electronics and still it’s counting. Our team makes your online shopping easy & fun with a user friendly shopping interface. Select products which you want to purchase and finish your order procedure in just few steps.

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