USB Mains Charger Adaptor For MP3 Players and iPods Price at Rs 180

Sonali Singh

Music lovers??And often find your loved iPods or MP3 Players running out of battery?Wash off your worries now as the savior of such situations the USB Mains Charger Adaptor is here to remedy you.The smart charger eases you out of all the hassle of dying battery and hence providing you a safe option to charge your iPods and MP3 players with your laptop or computers safely.Brought to you by , the USB Mains Charger Adaptor at a price of Rs 180/- , a whopping discount of 52%,that is hard to find anywhere.

How to get the USB Mains Charger /Adaptor?

  1. Shop for USB Mains Charger Adaptor .
  2. Click on Add to Cart.
  3. Delivery in 3 working days.
  4. Cash on delivery available for the product.
  5. Save on your shipping as there is only minimal shipping charges Rs 50/- only.
  6. Also comes with a warranty of 7 Days Replacement at the Office Against any Manufacturing Defects.

The USB Mains Charger Adaptor, is a smart option that helps you charge your iPods and MP3 players, within no time. So you just do not have to stay all sad and blue and lamenting over your died battery of your iPods or MP3 players.Just plug in the USB Mains Charger Adaptor to your laptops or computers and you are all set and done to charge your iPods and MP3 players.And hence quenching your thirst of listening to your favorite songs with your players.A simply plug-in adaptor is easy to use and is plugged in to the mains socket and it provides you with a USB port.And hence allows you to recharge your MP3 player from your mains sockets.Anything that you currently power from the USB port of the computer can now be powered from any mains socket.Safe, secured and smart way of charging your players.

Product Details:

  • Input: AC 100V-220V, 50/60Hz.
  • Output: DC 5V +- 5% 200-300mA.

It is rated for an input voltage between 100-250 volts and outputs 5 volts. (i.e. It outputs the same as your USB port).

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Rs 375
Rs 180