USB Night Lamp from Groupon at Flat Rs 799 – LadyBird Night Lamp


Sleeping under the starry sky is now a possibility! You do not have to leave the cosy comfort of your bedroom to do that. Try the USB Night Lamp from Groupon at Flat Rs 799. This adorable LadyBird night lamp can be powered by a USB or 3 AA batteries. It projects stars and other celestial objects onto the room’s ceiling. Have a sound and calm sleep under the stars. It has a 60 minutes sleep timer function which switches off the stars in an hour by the time you are fast asleep. Choose from 4 colour options of red, blue, green and yellow. The ladybird is a soft and adorable toy which loves to hangout in your room. Just push a button and doze off into a deep slumber. Get this from Groupon at just Rs. 799.

How to buy USB Night Lamp from Groupon at Flat Rs 799:

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Proceed to payment.

USB Night Lamp from Groupon at Flat Rs 799

Key Features:

  • Choice of 4 colors – Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
  • Better & easy to use
  • 60min sleep timer function.
  • Full night sky projection on ceiling and walls.
  • Length – 27cm from ‘nose to tail’.

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Rs. 799