Use Coupon Code to get Upto 14% off on Xolo Handsets starting at Rs 5099


Xolo is one of the premium Handsets manufacturer in India and it is here to get you best deal on handsets. Xolo mobiles are android enabled and come at great buy price, which starts at Rs 5099 only. Whether you buy A500L or Q800 or Q1000 series of mobiles, you will get huge discount. Check the latest price from below and don’t forget to apply the coupon code according to day!

Recommended Xolo Handsets to buy from Indiatimes Sale:

Select any XOLO mobile at Indiatimes and Apply coupon code: MOB2402 to get Discount of 32%.

Xolo A500L (Black) at Rs. 5055

Xolo A500S (Black) at Rs. 5898

Xolo A500 Club (Black) at Rs. 6599

Xolo Opus Q1000 (Black) at Rs. 8428

Xolo Q800 X-Edition (Black) at Rs. 9248

Xolo Q900 (White) at Rs. 10122

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Rs. 5055