Varun Stainless Steel 6 Pcs Lemon Glass Set at Rs 99 Only



This varun stainless steel 6 pcs lemon glass set could be your perfect choice if you’re expecting new guests at your place or if you wish to gift someone on their birthday or marriage. Offered at just Rs. 99/- only, this varun stainless steel 6 pcs lemon glass set could be something that you’re looking for in the market.

How to get this Varun stainless steel 6 pcs lemon glass set?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on BUY NOW to get it for Rs. 99/- only.
  3. Apply Discount Coupon code SC4VG99.

If all your lemon glasses have rusted, then this stainless steel set can just fit in your kitchen need right away. Those untimely guests keep popping up at your place, then a cool lemon juice in these shiny stainless steel glasses would make them feel fresh and welcoming at your house. Children often are very notorious. They often break the crockery while they are busy playing. Therefore, for them, it would be always be good if you serve them juice or water in these stainless steel glasses.  Your neighbours might just peek in and get surprised thinking that the glasses maybe quite expensive. But at, these glasses can be bought at just Rs. 99/-.  These stainless steel glasses are one of its kinds with great design and utility value. No second thoughts should be given on this deal at all.

What can be a better deal than getting 6 pcs of lemon glass set in just Rs. 99/-. They can be a great gift for the one whose in your mind at this very moment. So don’t just think about it, go and buy them right away.

Key Feature


Dimensions and Weight

75 mm
92 mm
60 g


No Warranty

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