Vox V3100 3 SIM Black at Rs 832 – 38% OFF + 10% OFF


Now , no one of would have a phone which is just too easy to afford but is a triple sim and  also has a camera feature. Hard to believe?? But , yes this is true as we present you the Vox V3100 3 SIM at only Rs 832.


How to get Vox V3100 3 SIM Phone :

Yes , you are right , this amazing headpiece is available to you at this price. It also has features like camera with a maximum resolution of  640 x 480 pixels , video recording . with micro sd slot which can be expandable upto 8 GB . Do we need anything more in this range?? When we go to the mobile stores, they hardly show us sets like these. What they show us is those 4-5 sets and convince us to chose from them only. Those headsets might not have all the features , which other headsets would be having in the same range . Many of us go with the brand names , but we must keep in mind that we have sets which provide us more features in much lesser range and are high on its functionality too. So , this vox v3100 3 sim phone is exactly the description of those non famous sets which provides us some brilliant features.

Product Details:

  • 1.8 inch TFT Display
  • 3 SIM Support
  • Digital Camera
  • MP3, Video Player
  • color:black

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