Eureka Forbes Aquasure Galaxy Water Purifier at Lowest Price-Rs.1949

Fatima Ansari

Who would deny the fear of water borne diseases? We all scare the diseases. Be it typhoid jaundice or diarrhea. All these diseases can avoided. Dealstan brings you a clean offer on Water Purifier at Lowest Price. The Water Purifier at Lowest Price is from Eureka Forbes at just INR 1949/-. This is available only on

How to buy Eureka Forbes Aquasure Galaxy Water Purifier at Lowest Price of Rs. 1949?

  1. Go to buy Eureka Forbes Aquasure Galaxy Water Purifier.
  2. Select add to cart.
  3. Click on proceed to checkout. Enter coupon code- GET150.
  4. Free Shipping.

The original price of the Water Purifier is INR 2199. This deal helps you save INR 250/-. The Water Purifier at Lowest Price is non-electrical. No need to plug it into an electrical socket. Eureka Forbes is a trusted water purifier brand. The water goes through the 5 stage process. These are the purification stages. It has an attached tap. It is extremely easy to use. The water can be purified and it can be used directly. It has a 3000 liter cartridge life. There are five times of filter. The first three stages include Filter, Pre filter and Sediment Filter. The last two stages consists of Bacteriostatic carbon black filter and Wellness cartridge. It comes with a one year warranty from Eureka Forbes. You can get this water purifier on EMI. You just have to pay INR 700. Only for 3 months. This is definitely a Water Purifier at Lowest Price. Help your family be safe and secure! is a news, information, entertainment, and shopping portal. It was founded in 1996 as Rediff On The Net and is headquartered in Mumbai, India with offices in Bengaluru, New Delhi and New York City, USA. According to Alexa, Rediff is the No. 11 Indian web portal. It has more than 316 employees.89.1% of the millions of visitors to are from India, while the rest come primarily from the USA (3.4%) and China. In April 2001, acquired and began offering India Abroad. As of February 2011, it ranked 146 on was the first website domain name registered in India in 1996.

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