Airtel 3g Dongle Datacard and 3 gb Data at Rs 2099

Sowmya Nair

What’s a day like without internet? No Facebook, no mails and above all, no Google! No no, don’t freak out please. We are not going to declare a ‘No Internet’ day. Simply wondering about things. That is all. Carry your internet wherever you go. Thanks to the Airtel 3G Dongle, keeping in touch with the e-world is no longer limited to a desk or room. Don’t let internet restrict you to the insides of four walls. Carry your dongle and go wherever you please! How about working from a cafe once in a while? Or being able to be online even during the painful traffic-filled cab drive to and from work? Buy an Airtel 3G ¬†Dongle today and you can enjoy speed up to 7.2mbps.


How to buy Airtel 3g dongle datacard from Airtel:

  1. Buy Airtel 3g dongle datacard from Snapdeal.
  2. Enter your correct details.
  3. Click on Submit.
  4. You’ll receive your airtel 3g dongle in 3-4 days.

Enjoy unmatched internet experience wherever you go!

Compatible with a huge range of computers, this data card has a built-in antenna and supports MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. It comes in an attractive streamlined design, which is compact and easy to carry. Now Browse 3G from anywhere in india with no extra cost(Subject to Network Availability).

7 Responses to “Airtel 3g Dongle Datacard and 3 gb Data at Rs 2099”

  1. Ankur

    I should purchase a 3G dongle for employ on my computer. I is utilizing lower than 100 MB monthly of downloading, I only require the speed.
    I stay in Chandigarh plus ocassionally travel.

    So here are the priorities:

    – Low expense tariff plans (for regarding 100 MB monthly usage)
    – Great network reception (atleast inside Chandigarh)

  2. Anshuk

    My friend purchased a HTC mobile at 7000Rs (actual expense is 13000) from rediff buying.Is it certainly value?I mean,the standard of the mobile will be wise?? Pls answer.

  3. I desire limitless 3g on airtel sim on my computer. I have mobile partner software for my dongle. 3g has limited information, So i need several setting or greater a brief movie on how to config my mobile partner software to receive limitless 3g on airtel. And equally recommend me balance to create it function properly(unlimited 3g on airtel).

  4. i have a airtel 3g dongle
    Can I insert aircel sim into it. Will it functions??

  5. Ekambar

    i have planned to purchase Huawei E303C / E355 because you have a choice to change operator when you desire.

    Then i want suggestions to choose the service provider (Airtel/Docomo/BSNL/IDEA/Reliance or alternative similar).

    i need an web connection that is superior enough to create skype movie call. i would like to understand regarding the expense effective service provider. .

    whenever you go for information cards from MTS, Reliacne, Airtel etc.. you receive speed of regarding 1Mbps/2Mbps with certain download limit plus then reduced speed following the limit.

    i want i receive the same type of program inside my Huawei device.. Thanks

  6. i have a airtel 3g dongle
    Can I insert aircel sim into it. Will it functions??

  7. i wish To purchase a bsnl tab models ” t-pad ws802c or 703c ” plus i have a micromax usb web dongle with me. is this modem may help inside these pills because stated. when any 1 have understand regarding it pls answer me and pls recommend when any additional web modems supports or not


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Rs 2599
Rs 2099