Whirlpool Washing Machine – 360H Graphite 8 kg for Rs.21435/-



Tired of washing clothes by yourself? Does your maid ruins your clothes while she washes them? Planning to get a good washing machine for yourself? Then get the new Whirlpool 360H Graphite with many good features that makes it worth Rs. 21435/-.

How to Buy Whirlpool Washing Machine – 360H Graphite at Rs 21435/?

1. Visit to get Whirlpool Washing Machine – 360H Graphite.

2. Click on BUY NOW.

This machine is a completely automatic machine. It has a capacity of 8kg which is enough for you to wash bunch of heavy clothes. Since it is an automatic machine, you need not look after your clothes time and again. This machine would take care of them very well with its excellent features. Whirlpool Washing Machine – 360H Graphite has a 6th sense technology which senses the feel of your clothes and treats them accordingly. With the in-built heater you can remove all those stubborn stains.

It has a state-of-the-art-technology which makes washing clothes much more convenient. All you got to do is put your clothes in it and leave everything else on Whirlpool Washing Machine – 360H Graphite. This washing machine has a special features of saving water.  It washes your clothes in best condition by using less water. It will make your clothes germ and odour free. It also has a feature of hydro-shower. It not only cheap but also smart enough to purchase. The design of this washing machine also also very smart and elegant.

Make yourself tension free about your clothes by purchasing this smart and stylish looking washing machine at just Rs. 20,945/-. from greendust.com. Get it now!


Type Automatic Washing Machine with Top Loading.
Capacity 8 kg (Washing).
Wash Programs 26.
Other Washing Features Hot Catalytic Soak.
Other Convenience Features H2 Low Shower, Variator Wash System.
Features 6th Sense Technology, In-built Heater, Avante-garde Design and State-of-the-art Technology, Uses Less Water, Uses Strong Hydro-shower, Provide Germ-free and Odour-free Wash.

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