Wizen Minimax Film Camera at Rs 699 Only – 65% OFF


Photographs help you keep memories for a long time an preserve memories to cherish. Capture and store those indispensable moments with theĀ Wizen Minimax Film Camera, a cool and handy camera that solves your photography issues in a jiffy and makes its mark with its cool looks and sleek design. taking photographs with this cool camera cannot be any easier and better.. Wanna click photographs at night?

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How to get the Wizen Minimax Film Camera at Rs 699 Only – 65% OFF:

The Wiizen minimax film camera come with a dedicated night mode and a 3 way flash to help do the same. Forget the hassles of manually winding an rewinding a camera reel once its over or stuck, the new wizen minimax fil camera comes equipped with auto winding and auto rewinding which give you the comfort of taking photographs you deserve. In case you make a sudden impromptu plan to go out and the reel is in the middle and you wanna go back, have no fear because the wizen minimax film camera comes equipped with midway rewinding features too. And get this.. this cool camera is available at an unbelievable 85% off!! so get it now.. How? read on

Product specifications:

  • Threeway flash with night scene mode
  • Auto winding/auto rewinding
  • Self-timer
  • Mid roll rewinding
  • Red eye reduction
  • DX settings and Autofocus



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Rs 1,999
Rs 699