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Fashion, as ‘On the Street’ photographer Bill Cunningham states, is culture. This does not mean that dressing in couture equals higher self-esteem or superiority in any sense of the word. Jeans and a t shirt are as much a reflection of culture as is a little black dress. A salwar or kurta is as fashionable as jeggings and bubble tops. Besides, online shopping has revolutionised the means by which we subscribe to fashion.
Fashion isn’t just about clothes. Perhaps it once was. But now a truly complete look does not entail the right clothes or even just apparel and footwear alone. The right look begins from the bare essentials: from lingerie and perfume to the finishing touches of jewellery and make up. Dressing up is not a necessity; it’s an art. And with one’s options in every aspect of the experience increasing, it is hard to decide where to go and what to buy.

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With summer around the corner, every girl’s wardrobe needs a little upgrading. Of course there are certain staples, like Jeans and a white top, that can be worn in any season. But summer is all about the bold and the flirty: neon, animal and floral designs, spaghetti straps, short shorts and skirts can only be worn in the summer. Dealstan makes summer shopping fun and affordable! Such outfits as this beautiful dress would have probably been well out of your price range. But Dealstan makes sure that when you are shopping, you get what you want.

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Fashion is not about how much you spend to create a look. It’s about how well you can use what you have to make yourself look fabulous. It is not about spending all your college tuition money on the perfect dress or wedges. It’s about shopping smart (that’s how you got into college in the first place, is it not?).

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