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Sonali Singh

Women- the shopping freaks have that insurmountable ability to exhaust out every new fad to death. They work it out until yet another new thing crops up. And the vicious circle goes on. The creatures from Venus have been ruling the beauty world since ever and their sovereignty denies to die down. And they seem to rule till eternity. Well to let them enjoy their shopping mania all the more, Jabong.com keeps launching brilliant offers. This time bringing the offer on women slippers at best price. Classic and elegant pieces of work these slippers are. And so does the offer. So, dear women, wait not to go for women slippers at best price and get 3 pairs for just Rs. 999/-.

How to get women slippers at best price?

  1. Shop to get women slippers at best price on Jabong.com.
  2. Use Coupon Code: WLMFP20 to get 20% OFF on Rs  999/-.
  3. Click on Add to Cart.Valid Till 30th Nov 2013.


Now get all the style and comfort for your feet. A nifty offer comes packed in one to provide you everything. Now make your feet feel like never before, ladies. Accentuate your style statement the way you want. Pick new footwear every day and rock your style. Footwear should be an easy wear .

A wear that never let you feel uncomfortable. Footwear are irrefutably an inexorable part of anyone’s persona. So, go girls, rule the streets as you adorn these pair of sandals by Miss Bennett. Like the pair depicted here is a perfect piece of art. Feel snug as a bug in a rug with this pair of sandals, featuring a comfortable TPR sole. Small studs, plain shirt and pencil skirt are all you need to complete the look for the season with this pair of sandals. The perfect red color is just the trick that does all the style enhancing. So gear up to buy women slippers at best price.

Product Details:

Available with the product.

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Rs 1200
Rs 999