Womens Kurti Sale – Gorgeous W Kurtis for Women starting at Rs 500


How much ever the Western culture influences us, the charm in Ethnic wear stays as it is. Women’s kurtis and Indian wear can be worn with jeans, leggings, patiala bottoms and much more. Womens Kurti will never lose the innocence it carries. Ethnic wear brings about our culture in an elegant way.

W kurtis for Women

 How to get gorgeous W kurtis for Women at a range starting from Rs.500:

  1. Go to jabong.com
  2. Choose among a wider vareity of W kurtis for Women.
  3. Select your appropriate size.
  4. Click on BUY NOW.

W kurtis for women brings you vibrant colors and a variety of tops at a reasonable price. W kurtis have been around in the clothing industry for quite a while because of the material, quality and the colorful designs. Be it any season, W kurtis for women can be carried off with style on any occasion. Your in-laws pay a surprise visit to you?

Your boyfriend wants you to wear something trendy yet Indian? Kurtis for Women has a beautiful range of collection to select from, for these moments. What more, now a gorgeous sale is available on Kurtis for women, starting at Rs.500. Choose over 200 different varieties of kurtis for women. You can also sort out the available W kurtis for women depending on the length of the sleeve, the printed design and the occasion you need it for. What else can a woman ask for?

Product Description:

W mirrors the new age Indian woman. Rooted at home and taking on the world with panache, playing myriad of roles with élan and taking on the challenges in her stride. The brand grew out of a need of an contemporary Indian woman for innovative ready to wear that combined fashion and functionality. With a unique design sensibility, the Indian Salwar-kameez was transformed into its chic & urbane – yet comfortable form.

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