Buy Wondercraft Stella Casserole With Lid 24 Cm at Best Price- Rs. 999

Kajal Mehta

What does pepperfry have in store for you today. Buy the most unique and one of a kind designed items for your convenience. Buy the Wondercraft Stella Casserole with a customized touch. Ease your functions in the kitchen. Cook at much lesser time at hand. Buy the amazing Wondercraft Stella Casserole at Rs.999 only.

How ot buy the useful and astonishing Wondercraft Stella Casserole in India:

  1. Go to buy Wondercraft Stella Casserole.
  2. Add to Cart.
  3. Go to Buy Now.
  4. This item can be shipped only in India.
  5. Cash on delivery option available for your comfort.

We amalgamate the sleek, buffered charm of stainless steel with the mind-bending conduction of aluminum. This pan is apt for cooking as well as storing food. Made from ace quality stainless steel, it is long lasting. It will retail its luster for years to come. It comes with a 3 Layered Bottom. An inner layer of highly conductive aluminum. Within 3-layer bottom, it enables heat distribution. This results in faster cooking. This enables you to save on important fuel and time as well as preserves essential Vitamins and Minerals in your food.

The magnetic stainless steel exterior base is  induction Compatible. This makes the cookware induction friendly. It also makes it apt for use on gas stove tops as well as electric hobs. Thus, extremely versatile.The design is highly contemporary. It comes with a hand-polished dual-tone finish. This with a unique combination of mirror and satin exterior. It has brush finish on the  inside. The riveted handles and elegant curves make it look fabulous.Glass Lid with Steam Vent helps in monitoring your cooking in the pan. This is made possible without constantly lifting the lid and check with the see-through glass lid. You also get a Free Recipe Booklet worth Rs 250/-. It has a capacity of 5 Litres.

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Rs 1290
Rs 999