Get Yepme Men Shoes at Flat Rs 399 Only – Extra 20% OFF On Online Payment


Guys, did you know that your footwear says obvious stuff about you, like “I’m off for a run” or “I’m off to work”. But according to new research it says a lot more. You may be saying to yourself, “Shoes? Really?” . You should be aware that your shoes tell a story about you that no other individual item in your wardrobe can match. It’s a universal truth that good shoes and good clothes go together, yet even if you own just one great pair of shoes it can be enough to rescue even the most questionable wardrobe disaster. Buy Yepme Men shoes at a great affordable flat price of Rs 399 Only. Also avail an additional 20% OFF On Online Payment.

How to buy Yepme Men Shoes at Flat Rs 399 Only ?

  • Buy Yepme Men shoes from yepme.
  • Click on ‘Add to cart’.
  • Choose your mode of payment and enter details.
  • Get another additional 20% off for online payment.

Are you tired of looking for the right shoes in this scorching heat and pouring rain? And still come home dissapointed? Try Yepme Men shoes and get yourselves some pairs of quality footwear. You would be surprised with the effortless shopping you will experience. You would easily be able to find out what you like as there are ample choices available in our collection. Whether you are looking for sports shoes or formal shoes, or loafers you will find them all available at a discounted price of Flat Rs 399. Get ready to be spoiled with choices.  You can choose from different material which ranges from canvas, leather, suede and textile while you shop. With this, they are also available in different colors which can be paired with khakis or trousers for myriad events. There is a great collection simply waiting for you to pick your choice.  These shoes will surely add glory to your footwear collection and you would love to flaunt them.

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