Zebronics H- Vivo Wireless Headphone at Cheapest Price of Rs 527

Fatima Ansari

To listen to your favorite songs in peace is something that everyone wishes for. But to find a place to do that on this busy planet is just not possible. For this very reason, Dealstan brings you a super deal on Zebronics H- Vivo Wireless Headphone available only on shopping.rediff.com.

 How to buy Zebronics H- Vivo Wireless Headphone at Cheapest Price :

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The Zebronics H- Vivo Wireless Headphone is a blessing for people who love music and moreover who love listening to it in solitude. Zebronics is a great brand that manufactures high quality consumer electronics. It is a feature-packed headphone and not just another headphone. Unlike ordinary headphones that can only be used for listening music, the Zebronics H- Vivo Wireless Headphone comes with the wireless feature. This helps you to break-free from the tangles that wires cause. We are not done yet. Apart from this, it has a mic that can be used for recording and voice chat. It also comes with an integrated FM radio so you do not need to have a computer all the time. It has a high range that covers up to 30 meters. So, you can easily walk around while listening to your favorite songs.

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Rs 527