Zivame Offer Amante Bras & Briefs Starts Rs 199 Only – 71% Off

Sonalee Sarkar

Now days all young girls, ladies and women want to wear the most comfortable and hot looking lingerie. The lingerie picked are more for self satisfaction purpose rather than to show it off to anyone else. To own some of the sexiest lingerie from  zivame.com you can now avail for bras panties at zivame all costing as les as Rs.199 but worth a thousand and more bucks. . Come peep into our collection of lingerie from zivame.com and we assure you that you will be self satisfied with your purchases.

How to get this Bras & Brief at discounted price of Rs 199?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page of Amante Bras and Briefs.
  2. Select your products and add them to cart and click on buy.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Amante Ombre lace non padded bra:- Rs.299



Zivame Offer Amante Bras & Briefs Starts Rs 199 Only - 71% Off

Amante exquisite lace classic bikini brief:- Rs. 299

bikini brief


Amante printed non padded demi bra:- Rs.299
printed bra


Now days ladies might compromise on their choice of clothes but when it comes to lingerie they become very choosy about it which is nothing wrong. All i am saying is that you can try out the various and numerous selections from our choices since our lady lovers have loved what they have purchased and i do not want you to loose out on something that is so attractive look wise and price wise too.

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  1. Satyanarayan

    Do you know good online stores to buy Sexy Lingerie at normal price.
    I try ngals but now anything new here?


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Rs 199